And the nomination goes to …

Instead of being nominated for the The Ice Bucket Challenge, I received a “nomination” to be a part of a survey looking at how the jobs of teachers compare around the world .

It asks teachers to answer three questions:
1. What is the biggest challenge you face as a teacher?
2. What do you consider the best thing about your country’s education system?
3. What single success are you most proud of in your teaching career?

My initial reaction was “No, this isn’t for me. I am who I am.” But then, as I started thinking about the questions, they made me dig really deep. What do I feel are my challenges, what should be celebrated about the system that I work in and how do I view and assess my own success?

It led to some deep reflection. How do you answer these questions?
What do you have to celebrate as an educator in your school and your country?

And so… The nomination goes to you! No ice or donation required. Just some thought and reflection.

About Jina Belnick

I am a full time learner - tumbling head first into education and joining my learners on the amazing adventures that we encounter daily at our PYP school in Melbourne, Australia.I am currently working in learning support, feeling the waters and seeing how teachers and learners are best supported, I am a listener and a leader, an inquirer and a follower. I'm loving the ride!
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