Adventure Time – The next chapter

Adventure Time has created an agenda and life of its own. For most children, this creature looks  and feels completely different.

Last week, in an attempt to reflect on where they were coming from and consider where they are going, they wrote blog posts. Some direction was needed and reminders to think about how they are feeling, what they need and why they are doing things.

Today’s session started with a circle discussion. What are my goals for today? What do I need? This allowed us to think about if we needed help, what form it would take and if I could make use of other people’s strategies.

I am really lucky that our amazing Head of Learning Resources, Fiona, is around and she steps in to help us find webpages, ask questions and guide some inquiry. She is amazingly supportive as I conference with some of the children.

Leigh just wants to go to the oval. He can’t show me the part of his blog post that shows where he is headed (it’s a list 0f 5 phrases about a sport) and I send him off to see how he can “share what is in his head”. He comes back with some clearer direction and when I ask him if he’s feeling angry with me, he shyly smiles and says, “I was …” . When I ask him to included this in his thinking, he says, “That’s rude”. We discuss the difference between “catching bubbles” and being rude. He heads off to add his voice to his post.

In the mean time, Shira is confused. She is still not sure how she wants to tackle and share what she is thinking. We talk about the value of being confused and what she might gain if this  whole process leads her to investigating a variety of ideas.

Edna has shared  Google Cardboard with us and Jeremy, who is looking into virtual reality is loving the interaction and ideas that are being generated by the other children as they adventure down this road with him.

Ad time 2

“We need a phone …”

Ad time 3

“This is so cool. We are on the road!”


“Can we play games with this?”

Blake showing what it looks like "inside the cardboard".

Blake showing what it looks like “inside the cardboard”.

Our time is interrupted by the bell ringing for a specialist subject (timetable dictates) and there are moans all round. “This is so frustrating,” I hear them groan as they pack up their bag of tricks.


About Jina Belnick

I am a full time learner - tumbling head first into education and joining my learners on the amazing adventures that we encounter daily at our PYP school in Melbourne, Australia.I am currently working in learning support, feeling the waters and seeing how teachers and learners are best supported. I am a listener and a leader, an inquirer and a follower. I'm loving the ride!
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