Joining the dots

Going to the kitchen is a treat. The product is the reward for children … For teachers, it’s often the process.

Our addition and subtraction unit is about to culminate and we consider how we can use the kitchen as a platform to amplify and authenticate these concepts.

We start off asking our learners to reflect on the unit. Think about how you felt at the beginning, how did you feel during and how do you feel now? What has changed? How? Why? Some children go back to the image they chose of their bear in the first lesson.

My colleagues are excited.  They have been working with Silvia Tolisano  and are thinking about  documenting what children say and do and how to move forward with the questions that children ask. They roam around the room, talking the children about their reflections and listening to the reasons why some children don’t want to post their thoughts on See-Saw, but do want to email them to their parents. We consider this an authentic moment for writing to take place and simply go with the wishes of our learners.

The recipe of the day is presented. “What does this have to do with addition and subtraction?” we ask. The brainstorming begins and I chirp in every now again, showing them the egg carton that has 3 missing eggs, the butter that has half left …

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 1.25.11 pm

We ask the children to pair up and choose two, two digit numbers that have the sum of 100. They chat about their numbers and consider strategies to check their total.

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 1.26.29 pm

And finally, we get to the good bit. Each child makes a biscuit with their number etched in M and Ms.

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 1.30.23 pm


While the biscuits are baking, we chat about what the “point” is. Why are we in the kitchen doing this? Why is it relevant?

The lesson ends but the smiles seem to be everlasting. My heart is warmed as the “thank yous” fill the air.

I think we all understand the “point”.



About Jina Belnick

I am a full time learner - tumbling head first into education and joining my learners on the amazing adventures that we encounter daily at our PYP school in Melbourne, Australia.I am currently working in learning support, feeling the waters and seeing how teachers and learners are best supported, I am a listener and a leader, an inquirer and a follower. I'm loving the ride!
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