Only one …

fWhat happens when there is only one child in a class, or a school,  who learns in a certain way?

Only one who needs something specific?

Only one who finds something difficult?

What happens if it isn’t a child – if it’s an adult in an organisation who thinks differntly; does things differently?

When do we cater for the “only one”; when does the “only one” need to reconsider their ways, beliefs, values?

Is it different when we think about learning and when we think about work?

When do we need to collaborate? When is there no choice?

I went for a  walk this morning and watched construction workers standing in a line, waiting for the rest of the team to be in place before they moved off.Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 10.40.33 am

What would happen if one of them was just one step out if time, if just one wanted to take a break or carry the poles on their own?

What happens when a child  needs something that no one else needs?

Recently, there was a child using a small desk and a bean bag to sit on to reach a “standing table”. He didn’t want to stand; he didn’t want to sit at a regular table. He wanted to sit at the high table, so that he could move his legs, stand when he wanted to and move around a bit when he needed.

“How can we just put one chair in one classroom, or chairs at only one standing table in the school ?” I was asked.

“Do we give all the children glasses because one cannot see?”

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 10.39.56 am

I feel warm inside when I hear one of our teachers calling one child over the loudspeaker at least three times a week. She almost sings his name, asking him to find her in the office. He knows he is not in trouble. She does not know where he is. He is the only one who gets called in this way.

When do we need to consider making changes to suit the “only one”? When does the “only one” need to make changes to align themselves with the ethos of the place they work or learn ?

Is it different when we think about learning and when we think about work?


About Jina Belnick

I am a full time learner - tumbling head first into education and joining my learners on the amazing adventures that we encounter daily at our PYP school in Melbourne, Australia.I am currently working in learning support, feeling the waters and seeing how teachers and learners are best supported, I am a listener and a leader, an inquirer and a follower. I'm loving the ride!
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