Creating and consuming …

Recently, I wrote and shared a post about wanting to join with other educators to bounce around and grow ideas. I started my blog two years ago, after my mentor and friend gave me a few (not so gentle) nudges to share what was happening in my classroom and my head.


I had been working with a couple of people who felt that blogging and Tweeting were a way of people “blowing their own horn” and I was really reluctant to be viewed in this way. So I began a little journey – following people on Twitter, reading blog posts and talking a great deal about what I was learning from doing this.

“What are we consuming; what are creating online?”my mentor and friend asked in one of her workshops. “What if we only consume?”

My questions stemmed from there …

  1. What if I create something that people don’t agree with?
  2. What if I say something that upsets someone?
  3. What if people have different opinions?
  4. What if no one really cares about what I have to say?
  5. What if I have nothing to say?

I am struck by how many other people share my thoughts, especially numbers 4 and 5.

I put the questions aside, thinking “SO WHAT?”. I decided to start blogging because it was a way of documenting things; a way of recording ideas; asking questions; generating conversation and most of all, for me, reflecting.

I am fortunate that I have made connections with many new people. I learn  from and consume what they say. I am on this journey now with creators from different parts of the world. People with differing ideas, different jobs and differnt styles. How much there is to consume – and to be inspired by to create more of our own! There is so much to gain by sharing what we are doing and thinking – and someone (or many) will connect to, question and learn from our journey.

Here are some of the blogs I am following and being inspired by:

Step-Up in the World of Tech
Honors Grad U


About Jina Belnick

I am a full time learner - tumbling head first into education and joining my learners on the amazing adventures that we encounter daily at our PYP school in Melbourne, Australia.I am currently working in learning support, feeling the waters and seeing how teachers and learners are best supported. I am a listener and a leader, an inquirer and a follower. I'm loving the ride!
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