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Learners sharing experiences and knowledge

With his Zine finally published, B has secured the places where he wants to display his product. It sits proudly in the reception areas of our school, so that it may be seen by visitors. It is his snap shot … Continue reading

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Student led conference preparation

I started writing this post a year ago and for some reason, I never published it. I guess it’s good to go back and reflect – and add to what was … There’s been much hype about these conferences (or … Continue reading

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#Passions Matter – a day for students

The Passions Matter Conference – our first student owned conference is done and dusted.  As always, some reflection is required, so I head off to listen to the voices of those who count the most – our Year 6 learners. … Continue reading

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A Zine ?

“We made Zines” a colleague told me. “Zines, what’s that?” “Look it up!” I have a quick look, but run out of time. So today, when one of my students come to see me, I tell him that I have … Continue reading

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An effective leader?

What makes an effective leader? Is it someone who needs accolades and recognition; or someone who wants to improve themselves and allow others to do the same? Is the person with the largest ego and the loudest voice; or the … Continue reading

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Technology assisting self correction …

How can technology help with our writing? J brings her journal with notes that she has made about the book that she is currently reading. She is using an iPod with the audiobook on. At times,  she just listens – … Continue reading

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Taking turns …

The week would be incomplete without my time with B. Today, he animatedly tells me about the bus that had a tree go through its window on the way to school. He knows every detail, has interviewed a passenger and formed … Continue reading

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