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Learning unconventionally …

I never thought that making slime was educational. Until recently. I have the privilege of working one-on-one with a nine year old young man, who finds learning – particularly maths – incredibly challenging. He often shrugs his shoulders and throws … Continue reading

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Exploring exponents

Today, my year 5 maths group heads off with me, chatting happily along the way.  We have been asked to explore exponents.  The children are in a different space to where they usually learn, the mix of children is different … Continue reading

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A survival kit for teachers

Teaching a class must be one of the most challenging things to do. The responsibilities are immense, yet the rewards, while sometimes buried deep, are endless. Teachers are asked to: know every child – their learning needs; social connections (and lack … Continue reading

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Engaging all learners …

Observing the world, reading and viewing gives one  great opportunites to ask questions; reflect on one’s own practice and try to make meaningful, practical suggestions.    How do we get all learners to be engaged, feel involved and show them … Continue reading

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Teaching or learning?

  Image taken from All Things Learning Here’s the question for today … What do we value more? Teaching or learning?  This question could be debated from many perspectives, with a huge amount of evidence to justify view points. So often, we … Continue reading

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Mean girls’ behaviour

As  parents, what do we do when our child is excluded, is on the receiving end of “mean girls’ behaviour“?  Perhaps they even feel that what they are receiving is bullying. A colleague (a mother of three children) shared this post with the … Continue reading

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Creating and consuming …

Recently, I wrote and shared a post about wanting to join with other educators to bounce around and grow ideas. I started my blog two years ago, after my mentor and friend gave me a few (not so gentle) nudges to … Continue reading

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