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What makes an inquiry class different from all others?

Sometimes, I need a reminder. What is it that sets an inquiry learning environment apart from all others? Provocation is crucial. Invitations are shared at the start of lessons – something to make everyone think. Sometimes the link is obvious. … Continue reading

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Learning modifications for all …

In an attempt to create individual learning plans that are meaningful and useful, we have launched a mini inquiry. We are noticing that there is a myriad of accommodations that teachers make without even thinking about them. Things like: including … Continue reading

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Learning unconventionally …

I never thought that making slime was educational. Until recently. I have the privilege of working one-on-one with a nine year old young man, who finds learning – particularly maths – incredibly challenging. He often shrugs his shoulders and throws … Continue reading

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Engaging all learners …

Observing the world, reading and viewing gives one  great opportunites to ask questions; reflect on one’s own practice and try to make meaningful, practical suggestions.    How do we get all learners to be engaged, feel involved and show them … Continue reading

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Who’s listening? Who’s talking?

The much discussed concept of learners identifying problems – not only solutions is at the forefront of mind today. There is much talk around teachers who talk too much. We know this is real. We know we all do it. … Continue reading

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A blogging alliance

My colleague, mentor and friend shared the idea of a blogging alliance recently, showing me this post about how her alliance began in 2010. I guess what she was politely saying was that it’s time for my humble blog to spread its … Continue reading

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The power of time …

The Zine I have been part of creating with one of my  Year 5 learners is making progress. I only have the pleasure of connecting with B once a week – for around 30 minutes. Every week, for the past … Continue reading

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