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The freeway for life ..

I read a blog post this morning that got me thinking. Thinking about the process of learning. The process of thinking. And the process of school. We often know what we are preparing children for … Next year .. NAPLAN… … Continue reading

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Decisions – owned by teachers or learners?

I started this morning by watching this clip: It really spoke to me. It reminded me to listen. Even more. And think about each child’s needs. Even more. It made me wonder how often teachers : choose how learners learn. … Continue reading

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The many unforeseen branches of Adventure Time

Rockets launched today – with the most unexpected astronauts on board! Travis, who has had absolutely no idea of what he is interested in, until a spark ignited last week, buckles up. His uninvited co-pilot, Leigh, jumps onboard with his … Continue reading

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School – home communication

How do we communicate with parents? At our school, we have class blogs. Some people use them more, some use them less. We call parents once a term (or have parent teacher or three way interviews) and we are in … Continue reading

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