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Part of the journey …

I am on a journey of inquiry – changing my opinions, trying new things and asking more questions every day. Often, I am confused by what I “see, think and wonder” … Part of the journey is considering how I … Continue reading

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Joining the dots

Going to the kitchen is a treat. The product is the reward for children … For teachers, it’s often the process. Our addition and subtraction unit is about to culminate and we consider how we can use the kitchen as … Continue reading

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What will he take with him?

The arrangement we have for our number groups in Year 4 is “flexible”. This means, that ¬†often, I will have children in my class for part of a term, or if I am really lucky, a whole term. When the … Continue reading

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Technology connecting learners. 

Most often, it is not what we do as teachers, but what students do that lets us know that the job we are doing is making a difference.  Technology is certainly helping … This week , I’ve had two boys … Continue reading

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