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Thinking about transdisciplinary learning …

Kath Murdoch  speaks a great deal about agency.  I love the way in which she shares her knowledge about creating a learning and learner centred classroom and inquiry that is always grounded in evidence. Her ideas about transdisciplinary learning sit comfortably with … Continue reading

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Gifts …

What will the ‘reluctant writer’ who ‘struggles with learning – especially maths’say when they are asked to reflect on their learning? What will they say when they feel valued, not judged and safe to express their views? Today, Lynette asked … Continue reading

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Celebration …

As I finish conferencing with a Year 6 child today, one of my colleagues, Simon,  approaches me and asks if I’ve got time to chat… Of course I have! I only have the privilege of joining his class once a … Continue reading

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The freeway for life ..

I read a blog post this morning that got me thinking. Thinking about the process of learning. The process of thinking. And the process of school. We often know what we are preparing children for … Next year .. NAPLAN… … Continue reading

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How blessed I am!

Today I remember what “excitement” feels like. I guess that I encounter it almost every day; but today I felt it through the experience and actions of the children in my class. I’d say it’s been around 21 years since a … Continue reading

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“And I think to myself … What a wonderful world”.

I had the misfortune of stumbling over a piece of wire in the street today. Unable to help myself, as I got up, I began to reflect on what happened and how I could use the incident to show the … Continue reading

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And the nomination goes to …

Instead of being nominated for the The Ice Bucket Challenge, I received a “nomination” to be a part of a survey looking at how the jobs of teachers compare around the world . It asks teachers to answer three questions: … Continue reading

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